I like repetition as the saying goes, "Repetition keeps me green". I love that saying because the idea that we do performances over and over again, you would say doesn't that get boring or stat but no, it's in the repetition that the creation comes, that the expression comes. 

- Al Pacino -

Gunther Mohr delivers a strong performance as the head of a crime organisation and his role resembles Vito Corleone in some ways. 
- Jason Knight, UK Film Review -

Gunther Mohr is an actor who mainly steals the show with his non-verbal acting. 
- Sebastiaan Khouw, SebKijk - 

Gunther Mohr knows how to completely change his facial expression with his eyebrows and corners of his mouth in a short time. With this he knows how to portray his character as cunning, terrifying and calculating. His acting performance was very reminiscent of Christoph Waltz's acting in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.
- Sebastiaan Khouw, SebKijk - 

      Gunther Mohr himself has managed over both parts to fully showcase not only his immense writing talent, but also incredible acting versatility, the darker parts of Vincent that were only just coming to the surface in part one are fully exposed here, and Gunther Mohr’s performance really embodies the weight of a man burdened by immense expectation and responsibility. 
- Chris Buick, UK Film Review -

I loved the way Dirk interpreted his character's dialogue, but more than that, I appreciated his silent moments. He can say (and at the same time hide) so much using expressions only. Such a wonderful performance. 
- Roy Zafrani, director Los Angeles Actors Awards -