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Dirk started as an actor when he was a child. His dream was playing in big movies! At a young age he started to write scripts. 
He really started to work on his career at the age of 31. He had actingclasses at several institutions but found his way at RJB Studio's. 
During the past years, he worked on many movies, commercials and tv productions. 
He also wrote scripts for the movies 'HVIII: The Male Heir, A Royal Love, These Bloody Days, Capo di Famiglia and Capo di Famiglia II'.
In the first two movies he played  the lead as King Henry VIII of England. 

Dirk is a multiple award winner for Best Actor at international filmfestivals like the Los Angeles Actors Awards, Oniros Film Awards and the European Cinematography Awards for his role as Vincent la Rosa in Capo di Famgilia and Capo di Famiglia II. With the first part he also won the award for Best Script and the movie won Best Movie 5 times. With Part II as a producer he already won 3 times Best Feature.
He was also nominated 5 times as best actor for his work in Capo di Famiglia, Capo di Famiglia II, Daddy's Day and A Royal Love
A Royal Love has won the award for best period piece twice. Dirk plays the role of King Henry VIII and has written and co-produced the movie. 


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