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Dirk Gunther Mohr (The Hague, 1981), started acting when he was a child, performing in his parents’ living room, re-enacting scenes of Rocky and Scarface. His dream was to play in big movies and play alongside his heroes Al Pacino and Robert deNiro. At a young age he also wrote his first film scripts. 
Dirk’s career really took off at the age of 30, after following acting classes at several institutions and RJB Studio’s in particular. There he was trained in method acting, a technique in which actors fully immerse themselves into their character, using their own memories and personal experiences to convey the story as sincerely and emotionally expressive as possible. For the short movie Tweespalt (2017), in which Dirk played an autistic young man, Dirk stayed in character, with his head tilted, during the entire week of the shooting, even off set. 

During the past years, Dirk worked on many movies, tv productions and commercials (SIRE, Senseo, Mitsubishi). He also wrote the scripts for two movies about the life of King Henry VIII, HVIII: The Male Heir (2015) and A Royal Love (2016) and for Capo di Famiglia (2017) and Capo di Famiglia II (2020), a drama about a Dutch-Italian mobster family. In all four movies he also starred as the lead character. For his role as Vincent la Rosa in Capo di Famiglia I en II Dirk was awarded many times as Best Actor at the international film festivals, such as the Los Angeles Actors Awards, Oniros Film Awards and the European Cinematography Awards. Moreover, Dirk received five nominations as best actor for his portraits in Capo di Famiglia I and II, Daddy’s Day and A Royal Love.

In 2020 Dirk played a devious SS lieutenant in the WWII movie Treacherous Love (Verraderlijke Liefde), which will have its premiere in 2021. The final part of the Capo di Famiglia trilogy will be produced in the same year, followed by a movie about the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, in which Dirk is proud and honoured to play the main character.

Dirk is known for his versatile acting skills, especially for his strong facial expressions, which he uses to fascinate, mesmerise and captivate his audience. Whether comedy or drama, Dirk always manages to make a lasting impression.