Dirk Gunther Mohr
Actor - Producer - Writer 



*Tweespalt (Discord)
An autistic person who will hear that he have to take of himself. 

* Pappadag (Daddy's day)
A father who forgot he had a day with his daughter. 


* Sire Commercial



Senseo commercial 
A new commercial for a coffeebrand about a new product.


Verkocht (Sold)
A couple broke up and are busy to sell their house. During preparation they think about what happened why they broke up.


Hoge Noot (High Tone)
A mysterious story about a place where you have to ask permission with a guitar. 


I wish
A mobmovie about Anthony who doesn't want to be in the family business. 

Jasper is not happy with his life and he have no possibility to get out of it.

Jack Black

Jack has lost his memory. During his journey, he finds out who he really is.                                                                                                                                                                 


A Royal Love - new teaser

A Royal Love - old teaser
The story about the love of Henry Tudor VIII and Catherine of Aragon.


RTL 7 Rugby
Commercial for RTL 7.

Mitsubishi Commercial
Commercial for Mitsubishi

The Male Heir
The story about Henry Tudor VIII who is 55 and thinks about his past. 


A movie about the love between two persons. Is this love real or a fairy tale?

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